Search Engine Optimization

SearchGuru is a pioneer in Malaysia and Singapore. Our SEO methods have been developed and refined since 2005. If the big boys like PropertyGuru and UOB Bank can trust us with their SEO, shouldn't you?

SEO Services from RM950/mth


Campaign Management

SearchGuru is a Google Certified Partner, managing RM10 million a quarter. We have have managed big and complex campaigns as big as RM120,000 a day and for clients like AirAsia and Nasdaq-listed ChangYou.

Google Adwords from RM590/mth


Sponsored Posts & Facebook Ads

We help you reach out to the 13 million Malaysians on Facebook - the #1 most visited website in Malaysia. Learn how we help clients like The Star build awareness and spread the word on the social network.

Facebook Ads from RM590/mth

Why SearchGuru?

1. When we quoted RM12,000/mth for SEO, the client thought we were nuts. 6 months later, their turnover went from zero to RM1 mil a month. They gave us 4 other websites to manage.

2. We helped an E-Commerce startup grow their revenues 100x over a 2-year period to more than a million SGD a month. They got US$10 million in fundings.

3. In late 2012, a beauty startup engaged us for SEO and AdWords in 4 countries to help them hit their KPIs. 6 months later, they raised US$2 mil in a Series A funding.

4. When the biggest hosting provider in Southeast Asia engaged us for SEO in Singapore, little did they expect that their organic traffic would go up by 330% in 6 months.

5. In 2012, we took over the campaigns of a limo driver who had given up on AdWords - CTR shot up to 22% and conversion rate to 34%. In Dec, he received 1,400 enquiries/bookings!

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