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June 6, 2014 admin

Facebook Training with Ai Ting Eeo

Facebook Training

Just recently Ai Ting Eeo from Facebook Singapore made a special trip down to our office to give us a little training on Facebook Advertising. Although a little on the technical side, Ai Ting has enlightened the entire SearchGuru team with heavy insights and useful Facebook Advertising tips for the more intermediate level. Since Facebook has been changing a lot of their advertising policies, it was nice to have someone from the company give us a more thorough explanation of how things are different and how the changes can be most beneficial.

Some of the interesting Facebook facts about Facebook is that is has now evolved into a mobile company whereby ½ billion people use mobile devices and 48% of the total mobile users surf Facebook on their mobile devices.

1.19 billion people are on Facebook a month and 61% are on Facebook everyday. 40% of people surf Facebook while they are shopping and 48% are on Facebook at the gym.

The first few new tools from Facebook are the ‘Lookalike Pool’ and the “Power Editor’ that allows advertisers to specifically identity their target audience to eliminate unnecessary wastage of ad spend.

The ‘Lookalike Pool’ is also known as the ‘Lookalike Audiences’, which includes campaign optimization for similarity or greater reach. The similarity match will generate an audience who are most similar to your custom audience in your selected country and database up to 1%. Greater reach will match the top 5% of people to your custom audience allowing you to target more people however it will be slightly less accurate.

The Facebook re-targeting feature, also known as FBX, is Facebook’s real time-bidding platform and allows you to remind your selected audience, who has already shown keen interest of your latest promotions. This is one efficient tool apparently and has helped 70% of advertisers achieve 3X their ROI and 49% achieve 5X their ROI. The FBX is also said to have 3X more efficiency in lowering cost per acquisition by 40%.

The Power Editor is a bulk ad creator, which is designed for bigger advertisers. This management tool helps large companies to scales and has better control of their campaigns. Some of the many Power Editor features include creating custom audiences, lookalike audiences, saved audiences, partner categories, conversion tracking, conversion specs; domain sponsored stories and sponsored search results.