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May 2, 2014 admin

Google AdWords Newest Updates – 2014

Google Changes

If you’re familiar with Google, you’re probably aware of their many changes in terms of their advertising philosophies, user interface and their algorithms. So you wouldn’t be too surprised if I told you that Google was going to launch a new set of changes once again this 2014 – except this time, it could be good news for all Google advertisers as well as users.

Check out the top 6 changes for Google AdWords this year.

First : User Interface

Google will be changing the look and feel of AdWords User Interface. There will be more consistent and attractive colors. The navigation control buttons are also set up conveniently to be in the same exact place so that you won’t need to re-locate them each time. You’ll also not have to scroll too far down before finding the necessary items that are needed each time you log in. There’s also a lot more space for the tables and tools. You can then spend more time on the things that are important for your business.

Before if all the menu links were spread out and needed to be selected one-by-one for an action to take place, it is now under one single menu located under the gear icon. You will see billing information, account settings including the Help button all under one roof, making it a lot easier to locate. They also have the same function for Google Calendar and Gmail account.

Second : Ad Position

If you thought it would be difficult to locate your ads in the past, or for your friends to locate your ads in the past, now after the FTC ruling this past year, ads will be immensely easier to spot and navigate through. The Ad images will be colored with bright orange, chosen to stand out so the organic results can be separated from the paid ads. This will help users to be able to tell the difference and for advertisers to stand out more. The orange color was chosen for it’s ‘catchiness,’ according to Google. Many would think that is good news, but there’s a possibility that there may be a drop in CTR once the user has identified orange as an Ad. However, since Google AdWords is Google’s main form of revenue, I’m sure they will definitely try their best to prevent that from happening.

Third : More Attractive Search Results Page

Attractive search results might also mean having more “stuff” on the SERPS. Google will be putting up huge banner ads and that are more click-able as well as Image Ad Extensions, which is supposed to be more appealing to the public. Some may argue that having bigger banners will cause the whole outlook to seem more ‘cluttered’ however it’s just a matter of preference. I think the bigger banner will ultimately increase CTR’s.

Fourth : Product Listing Ads Become Even More Navigational

Product listing ads are now changing from previously located at the right hand corner to the top left hand corner at the very top of the page. This makes a huge difference when it comes to regular text ads. This is beneficial because, it brings more traffic to your campaigns but possibly a higher CPC as competition begins to pour in.

Fifth : More Forced Integration With Google Services

Two main features will be obstructed here. First are the social extensions that will become highly relevant and more important. Google Places will be limited to the only option for setting up location extensions. Further integration also makes it a lot easier for users. For example, if previously, you needed to comment on your favorite YouTube videos through your Google+ account, now you wouldn’t need to make two steps to do so.  This will not motivate bigger companies to dress up their Google+ account but will have clearer navigation for the extensions on your Enhanced Campaigns.

Sixth : No More Being Complacent

Google continues to upgrade and update their quality score algorithm in order to create a greater user experience and improve the quality of the ads and the significance of using Ad Extensions. This also means that ads cannot be left to run without putting in enough effort and attention to make it a better advertisement. Keeping up-to-date to the newest changes and updates is another of Google’s goals. This also means that you now have a better advantage over other advertisers. If you’re always looking into your account and tweaking it for better results, you’ll soon see lower cost-per-clicks and higher Quality Scores compared to the ones left behind. Also, the higher the CTR’s the better the user experience as well as higher possible leads for advertisers ultimately.